Why I Want to Move to Canada

I met the girl of my dreams when she came here to Singapore to attend college. I lucked out in having her in a lot of my classes the first couple of semesters, and we got to know each other very well. What started out as a friendship soon turned into the best relationship of my life, and I knew I would one day marry her. She had to return home after graduation, but we remained in touch every day. She told me I should look into a filling out a Canada PR application when I told her I wanted to move to be closer to her.

I had no idea what that meant, and she told me that it is just the way foreigners have to submit an application to become permanent residents of Canada. I did a search for this information, and I found a website that was a huge help for me. It explained the differences between a permanent resident and a citizen, and I knew that I could live with the restrictions there that I would be facing. The biggest would be that I could not vote, but I knew that was a small price to pay to be happy for the rest of my life with the woman of my dreams.

I was able to find all of the information that I needed from this site, and I started filling out my application that same day. I knew there was nothing more that I wanted than to be with her, and both of us were excited to finally get to see each other on a daily basis again. I am really happy to say it all worked out too, because we are now planning our wedding. We live in the same apartment complex, but we will soon be moving into the home where we will raise our family that we are hoping to have!

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