I Love Time-saving Transcription Help

As a journalist, I do not have a lot of time. I am always on the go. It is common for most people to think that I simply do an interview, go home to listen to the audio and write my articles up in minutes. But that is not how it works. I started using audio transcription services recently to help free up some of my time, though.

I take a lot of time formulating a list of questions to ask everyone that I interview. Some come from off the top of my head, but they always come about after I have done a lot of research. I have to do comb through hundreds of other websites to see what the person has talked about in past interviews with other people, and I need to get them to expand on those things. I need to make sure that all of the questions that I come up with will be something that will be interesting to our readers. These things can take me many days to do.

After I have the interview done, I have to transcribe it. Even though I was part of the interview and there, background noises like noisy restaurant patrons or a loud bus going by can cause the audio to be a little hard to hear. I have to piece everything together. A 2-hour long interview can take me as long as 5 hours to type up. And when I have to stick to a tight schedule to get the article itself written up, it can all be very exhausting to meet my deadline. I just do not have any time to waste. Getting someone else to do the transcription for me allows me to spend extra time on focusing on putting together a layout for the article.

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