I Guess They Have Witchcraft in India

I was looking for some information on the internet a week ago and I stumbled on the fact that there are apparently people who practice something similar to witchcraft in India. They call it something like a Vashikaran specialist, although I am not positively sure how it is supposed to be spelled. They are apparently able to sell you just about anything which you could want. Or to be plain they can sell you spells which are going to give you anything that you want. Of course people have very obvious desires, money and sex being the first among them for equally obvious reasons. So one of these people can sell you a spell that will supposedly make you rich, or they can sell you a spell which will help you capture the heart of the person that you desire. From what I can tell it is some way or another based in astrology and Black Magic. It is not something that I have a full grasp upon either. Obviously if these people could deliver what they claim that they can deliver, then they would have a lot of satisfied customers. I suspect that there were would not be billions of poor people in the world either. Since this stuff comes from the Indian subcontinent, then it seems as that part of the world would not be populated by quite so many of the poorest people in the world. In fact you are probably not selling this sort of thing to the highly educated. You would not convince a lot of people who went to college and got a real education. You are going to be targeting people who are superstitious if you are selling a superstition. That seems obvious enough when you look at what they are going to give you for your money.

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