I Got a Job at a Stable

Of course I do not have the job I would like, but I figure that I am going to be able to get there pretty soon if I work things right. This is a really big equestrian center. There must be close to a hundred and fifty horses. My job is pretty various to be honest, although that is not a good way to say it. One of the things I do is to take care of the laundry. They have tons of riding pants and equestrian riding jackets, the sort that you see people wearing in the Olympics when they are competing in the equestrian events. At any rate they like to look good and so I am running back and forth to the dry cleaners a lot, this is something they charge you for and so some people take care of this for themselves. At any rate they always have stuff going on and I get to ride horses when they need exercise.

In fact I am having a pretty good time and making a lot of contacts. It takes a lot of money to own horses, they eat a lot of food and they have to be kept healthy, so I know that I could not do it on my own. I would not really have any chance of owning one myself, so it is a lot better to have other people let me ride their horses. It is that simple. So long as I get to ride, then the rest of the work is not that big of a deal. In fact I have been doing pretty good on the money for reasons other than the paycheck. There is this one lady who owns a lot of horses and she has been paying me to help her when she goes to shows.

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