Finding the Best Toaster is Tough

Toasters can be just about the most annoying appliance in the kitchen. The cheap ones usually burn one side leaving the other side untoasted. Another annoying thing is toasters that leave your English muffin so far down inside it that you have to unplug the toaster and use a fork to get it out. At least I unplug it first. I do imagine there are some crazies out there. In my search for the best toaster you can get for your kitchen, I had a lot of things the appliance needed to meet to suit my fancy.

The first thing I wanted was a four slice toaster. If my wife and I share something toasted for breakfast, one of us was having it cold while the other one’s toasted. The next thing that had to be a part of my toaster purchase was even toasting. It is called a toaster, not a burn-one-side-of-everything. I have purchased new toasters where you can see some of the elements do not work. I knew there had to be a website that rated the best toaster you could buy. Oh, and it had to have slots wide enough to hold stuff other than a thin slice of bread.

I have seen ones that will make an egg for you while it toasts your bread or muffin. We don’t need that. We just needed a toaster that would toast bread, muffins and the other things you typically stick in a toaster. No, I’m not talking about forks. I never wanted to have to stick a fork in a toaster again. A toaster that has a high lift solves that problem. You would think that they all would cover the basics, but they don’t. You have to be picky picking out your toaster. Otherwise, your toast or muffin is going to be hit or miss day in and day out. And don’t even get me started about bagels!

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