A Competitive Platform Beyond Physical Endurance

Gaming. It's everywhere we look now. It's becoming an important facet of our culture which is finally extended to beyond mere live sports. Sports is great, who can't help but love the play by play of humans pitting themselves against one another within a structure of rules under the context of physical domination? The more fit the players, the more intense and combative the game becomes. It's a perfect blend of mind and brawn that few other games can blend as well as American Football and Basketball. I prefer my NBA 2K16 tips over the actual, real world sport myself. I even grew up playing basketball and football in school but it couldn't compete with my love for the digital platform. Beating both a computer and another player gave me a unique rush that neither football or basketball could ever do for me. I enjoyed playing them, I still do, but there is something fascinating about a platform game and dominating another player's skills that is far more intense and intimate.

I think that's part of the enoyment of multiplayer games. Whether you're working together with a group of gamers, strangers and friends alike, or you're being pit against them there is a certain acknowledgement of talent and skill of game playing. What is a game player? To me it's someone who exercises their mind against a context of rules and mechanics. When you're competing against another player it's not just the skill at the game that you're up against but another player who might know how to utilize those mechanics against you and do so more rapidly. It's a game of tactics that takes place far quicker than any physical game could hope to keep up with. All one has to do is watch a StarCraft match to understand the level that these people operate on.

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